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To Store Digital Reminders, Photos, Videos, And More

Even in today's high-tech world, those little colorful notes still capture our attention. Now, Momento Note offers the best of both worlds: it's a smart note with NFC-powered technology that enables you to store voice recordings, photos, and videos right at your fingertips. Perfect for lawyers, professors, researchers, CEOs, and secretaries, you can stick them anywhere you need a reminder and access them anytime with the touch of your smartphone. Just think of it as a USB stick that can interact wirelessly with your phone. These notes are reusable, which helps save trees and money in the long term. Give it a try, and you'll surely love it.

The History of Post-It Notes Just Got Smarter

The little yellow sticky note we all know and love was invented by Dr. Spencer Silver and Art Fry at 3M company in 1980. It helped people communicate with each other in many creative ways. Since then, 3m has tried hard to catch up with the modern digital world of mobile phones and tablets but the sticky note has remained the same until now.
Introducing The Smart Digital Momento Note

In 2014, Chi Huynh, an award-winning jewelry designer, invented and patented a new kind of smart jewelry called Momento Pearl, which allows the wearer to store voice recordings, photos, and videos in a pearl necklace - a new kind of digital locket. In 2016, Mr. Huynh incorporated this technology into other products like smart business cards and smart sticky notes that were privately used within the company. He loves to use the smart sticky note as a reminder for inventory of gems, pearls, diamonds, manufacturing processes, and instruction manuals for jewelers. His wife, Linh, finds the smart sticker very useful when reviewing invoices by tapping her phone to the sticker and being able to see a photo of the gem, its shapes, and colors without having the actual product with the invoice, even months after it was bought. Nowadays, it is hard to live without this smart sticky note. He said, "I want my note to do more, I want to add voice recording, photos, and videos to the physical note." We realized this smart note can be very useful for many people and companies around the world who wish to save time and increase productivity with a new kind of reminder - the smart Momento Note reminder. After years of using and testing at Galatea, we are ready to bring it to market. Finally, in 2023, we give you the smart digital Momento Note. It's here to change the way we use sticky notes. Now you can save messages, photos, and videos in the Momento Note. Others can tap their phone to the Momento Note and it instantly plays back your messages. The amazing thing about the Momento Note is that others don't need an app to read your messages. Just think of it as your wireless USB flash drive.

Pat. NO.  US20190122010A1 “Method and apparatus for virtually writing to a nfc chip”
Used by a Secretary
Remember the old saying “A picture worth a thousand words”

Imagine being able to upload images of products, promotional videos, lab reports, and voice memos into this smart note as a reminder for your boss to view them anywhere and anytime just by tapping their phone to the note. This can save time and increase productivity for your company.
Used by a Researcher
It is easy to use in two steps.

First, download the Momento app. Second, record a message, select photos or videos, click save, and you're done. It's that simple!
Used by a Gem Dealer
How does it work?

The Momento® Note is the world's only interactive sticky note with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. It contains a thin NFC chip that is able to transmit wireless signals and data to your smartphone.
Used by a Doctor
Save time and increase productivity

Sometime, you wish there is more than hours in day to get more things done. We are living in digital world and most of important information are beging transfer wirellessly and fast. Momento Note is build to save time for people that know is more than just money but a minute or an hour can save life.
Used by a Mechanic / Manager
How does it work?

People love Momento Note because it is a new smart digital reminder that allow you to access document, photos and video in the reminder’s note the moment you tap to it. This save time since the note itself is providing the actual ducuments or files which you are being reminded of, will open in real time. No more wasting time trying to look for the reminded files in your email, computer and cloud server. Momento Note is not just a reminder, it is a reminder that holds the documents you need.
Used by a Musician
Replace your USB with Momento Note

Do you remember the last time you had a large file on your phone and wanted to download it into a USB for another person, but you didn't have a USB Flash Drive? Well, you don't need the USB any more, the Momento note save large files, and other people can download with a tap of the phone.
The final evolution of the NOTES is here, and it's momento note.

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Janna Lee
It is a powerful tool that I did not know existed and love it.
Stephany Johnson
It is a reminder but come with digital files. It is so convenience.
Kevin Smith
I labeled my boxes to remind me what in it. It is a technology for inventory management.
Loc Huynh
I am a photographer so it a perfect tool to save large files and share it with others in a simple note.
Item Number: Momento Note - 20
  • Each package contains 20 sticky notes.
  • Each Momento Note can hold up to 3GB of data.
  • The Momento Note is reusable, allowing for up to 1,000 uses.
  • Size: 2.6 inches (60*60mm) - Square.
  • Each Momento Note features a backing strip of high-quality, reusable adhesive.
  • The technology used in each Momento Note is NFC Chip: NFC NTAG 213, formatted and compatible with iPhone 10 Plus and newer models, as well as Android phones 8 and newer models.
  • No app is required to read the content stored in the Momento Note.
  • However, the Momento App is needed to "write" messages to the note.
  • The Momento Note can be used to store various types of data such as photos, music, and messages, similar to a USB drive, but with greater efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

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